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What is Rise?

Rise is a co-op platformer adventure! One player takes control of an ambitious squirrel who can run and jump, while the other takes place of a tree who can place branches. The squirrel's goal is to climb up the tree with the aid of the tree, who can place branches. The squirrel helps the tree by collect acorns and parasitic mistletoe.

How do I play Rise?

Great question! As a squirrel player, your goal is to reach the top of the tree before the timer runs out. You can grab acorns that allow the tree player to place branches, as well as mistletoe that opens up spiderweb platforms. Jump (and double jump) your way to the top!

As the tree player, your ultimate goal is to help the squirrel reach the top! You can place branches as well as deleting them. If you get too far from the squirrel, no worry! You can always teleport to your curious companion.

What other features are there?

Rise has plenty of features, including:

  • 4 unique seasons
    • Each season has its own climate and atmosphere
    • The type of pre-placed branches changes throughout the seasons
    • Each season increases in difficulty
  • Items to collect and obstacles to avoid!
  • The ability to change graphics quality mid-game

Who made it?

Here's a list of our current credits:


Producer and Creative Director - Barbara Haggerty


Lead Developer - Nicolae Christoffersen

Frontend Development and User Interface - Aadam Mohammad
Frontend Development and User Interface - Christopher Kong
Backend Development and Core Systems - Malcolm Riley


Lead Artist - Amiel Cox

Concept and Texture Artist - Karen Lee
3D Modeler and Texture Artist - Alex Hartford
3D Modeler and Texture Artist - Gabriel McNeil
3D Modeler and Texture Artist - Raquel Ramirez
3D Modeler and Texture Artist - Eric Malmgren


SFX and Music - Lisa Moua
SFX and Music - Aaron Garber
Music - Artin Zargarian

Special Thanks:

All our playtesters who gave wonderful feedback

Install instructions

To run Rise, download the zip and extract it. Clicking the exe will start the game.


You need to have 2 controllers to play the game!


Rise_Release Build_01.zip 96 MB

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